Homs, in the heart of the Syrian revolt by Caroline Poiron
July 18th, 2012

Photojournalist has made a web documentary from her work in Homs, Syria. She dedicates it to his companion, the journalist Gilles Jacquier, who died alongside him in the rebel city in January 2012.


Your web documentary "Homs, in the heart of the Syrian revolt” is a journey through the rebel city. Where are we going there?

This is my travelogue. I realized all the photos and videos that make up this web documentary. All my work since I smuggled into Syria in December 2011 upon the death of Gilles in Homs, January 11, 2012, is collected here. The user can enter the neighborhood of Baba Amr in rebel hands, follow me on the front lines and in areas controlled by the regime of Bashar al-Assad and his militia. There are few interviews but explanatory text, audio commentary and sounds that bring a lot to images.

In a way, this route takes in Gilles. I had not imagined this starting. She is always very personal.

After the death of Gilles, you understand that the plan you had set a trap. Understandably does one over webdocumentaire

No, but we might expect when a militiaman shabiha pro regime watch the bombs fall and told the people: "These are sound bombs”. These images were filmed by Swiss journalists who remained close to our cars while Gilles, Christopher – his cameraman, and I were under fire from the explosions.

When we got our visas through a religious mother – Agnes – and as we entered officially in Syria, we were serene. However, we realize the journey over the "official” that nothing seems to protect us. Propaganda was heavy and it felt uncomfortable.

You dedicate this work to the memory of Gilles and your three children. It was not too hard to take yourself back to all these images?

the contrary, it freed me. It’s been months since the hard disk that contains all these archives do not leave me. I needed to keep it always near me. As a freelance journalist, I happened very often having to choose among these pictures to offer editorial. Now that I have done this work, I sleep. This page is a "virtual” turns.

I still need time to rebuild myself, be with my children. I must be reasonable and one day perhaps I will leave on war zones. And Syria.

Soon, you think?

No, unfortunately. Like most journalists, my head started to price out there. I have to wait for the fall of the regime hoped to return but Bashar al-Assad is far from falling. Military resources are still very important and the international community does not move enough. The Russians are trying to negotiate large Sunni Syrian family for a possible political solution.

The current system is insane, he committed the worst atrocities but military intervention would only worsen the situation. The solution is political. Most Syrians with whom I was in contact died. The survivors still want to fight even if they throw me SOS.

I hope that this massacre will cease as soon as possible and that the evidence on those responsible for the death of Gilles will survive this war.

"Homs, in the heart of the Syrian revolt” with France Television News and Géopolis Scriptures, to discover soon on Thursday, July 5, 2012: www.francetv.fr/geopolis/homs/


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