Honor Crimes, TurkeyCP0055O0019

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Photo ID: 936
Gallery ID: 110 - Honor Crimes, Turkey
Photo Title: Honor Crimes, TurkeyCP0055O0019
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Caroline Poiron | View this photographers information and photos
Photojournalist Born in 1973 in FranceBA (economics), psychologist and photographies studies. Based in France, she has dedicated herself to reporting stories that go beyong the headline news coverage. Whether photographing Alzheimer issue in France, the Kalmylk bouddhist identity struggle in Russia, honor crimes in South East Anatolia, Turkey, Lebanon aftermath.She works as a freelance since 2000 for french press. Photographies are regularly published in Le Monde, Courrier International, Nouvel Obs, Bayard Press, in Lebanese literature papers and european editors.Awarded 3rd prize of the social and documentary photography for the work on old age in France.2005 : Exibition Arles 2005 selected by Martin Parr; 2006, Exibition at La Cité des sciences et de l'industrie; Exibition at the International Forum for Indigenous Peoples. 2007 : Exibition In Istanbul, Turkey with her work on Honor crimes, when Honor is saved. 2009 : French mediterranean media prize for her work in Lebanon. 2009 : Visa pour l'image projection of "Afghanistan, Kandahar, stronghold of taliban. 2010 : Afghanistan, war against education by the Taliban.
2007. Diyarbakir, Turquie. La ville la plus importante du sud-ouest anatolien kurde dresse ses remparts à une centaine de kilomètres au nord-est de la frontière irakienne. L'exode forcé des campagnes vers les villes depuis 12 ans a fait croitre Diyarbakir de 350000 habitants à 1 million. Les traditions perdurent dans les familles, même en ville. Les crimes dits d’honneur et les suicides en Turquie. Entre 1993 et 1998, le nombre de crimes a augmenté. Les causes en sont l’exode rural, la fracture entre les générations, la lutte entre modernité et tradition.

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